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It’ no secret that rye makes for a great tasting beer – in fact its use in brewing can be traced back to medieval times. However it is only recently that Rye Beer has been produced in any great quantity. That’s because the brew actually disappeared for 500 years.

Originating in the Bavarian region of the Southern Germany during the Middle Ages, Rye beer became a staple beverage. But in 1516 a law was passed, following a period of bad harvests, which ruled that rye could only be used to bake bread. Rye beer didn’t reappear again until 1988, after a repeating of the law by the European Court of Justice.

Crafting Rye beer involves combining rye malt with traditional brewing base of barley malt. Its inclusion presents a challenge to the brewer as extracting sugars from the huskless grain is technically difficult, however achieving this creates a distinctive crisp of flavour with a unique smooth silky sensation on the palate.

Kaimai Brewing Company,  New Zealand‘s only brewery specialising in rye, is proud to offer you an innovative range of Rye beers. We hope you enjoy.