Selecting the Right Dog for Your Family

Having grew up as a child and always remembering having a dog as part of the family, I realised that the correct choice of breed of dog can add to that family unit. Now having a family of my own with 3 kids aged 4, 5 and 11, I and my wife have often courted with the thought of getting our own dog for the family. I say family lightly as the kids often say “yeah, yeah we will clean its bowl, we will take it out, and we will pick up the poo”? Hmm, I and my wife both know this is just a sneaky ploy to try and make us definitely commit to buying a puppy. We have agreed in principle to getting a puppy this year after our holidays to America, here are a few pointers we had to consider before we committed to thinking about buying a puppy…

  • Are we ready for the commitment, the lifelong commitment?
  • Do we really understand what we are taking on?
  • Can we afford to keep up with medical bills, food etc.?
  • Have we agreed on a breed of dog which is suited to our family?
  • Will be able to care and give the dog the attention it needs?
  • Are we all willing to help, and are we all in agreement?

Adding a family pet to the correct family environment will only add to the family unit, I know this through experience. Thought and much care and attention are needed though, make sure you are only going through the right channels. Contact legitimate breeders, get addresses, contact numbers, don’t pay for anything until you have seen your puppy and you have it there in front of you. Always look to see the mum and dads of the puppies where available, check medical and vet record, make sure everything is correct and legal. And never forget that it’s a full time commitment and a lifelong one at that , don’t make impulsive decisions if you are not committed to the dog.